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Investing usually requires us to make some general assumptions about basic trends continuing. Yet assuming that tastes and behaviours of different generations are the same can lead to wildly inaccurate forecasts. So, what can we learn about generation Y, or “millennials”?

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Each quarter we provide a Boardroom Breakfast video to all Montgomery clients. For those still considering investing with us we presented a webinar that more than a thousand people registered for, so there was simply no way we were going to be able to answer every question asked. And there was a bunch! One that was asked that we promised to publish the answer to immediately was a request for the top ten stocks by Return on Equity (ROE). Continue reading

In this interview with Ticky Fullerton, Roger comments on Glen Stevens’ speech on investing in the long run. He reinforces the idea that shareholders need to appreciate the long term benefits of companies that reinvest their dividends.

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The US retail sector has come under pressure lately. Bellwether companies like Macy’s and Nordstrom recently reported weak results for the third calendar quarter and disappointing guidance for the months ahead. Against this backdrop Foot Locker continues to be the best store in the mall, as consumers keep paying more to dress themselves in athletic gear driving sales and earnings higher for the company. Continue reading

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Regular readers will know that the first question we ask in evaluating possible investments is usually a question about business quality. We take the view that over long periods of time, high quality businesses are far more likely to deliver the sort of investment performance we are looking for in terms of investment growth with a low risk of loss of capital. Continue reading