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SEEK (ASX:SEK) is a top ten holding in both The Montgomery Fund and The Montgomery [Private] Fund so we are pleased to hear, through the company’s latest update, that the business is performing ‘strongly’.

At the AGM today, Chief Executive Andrew Bassat told shareholders to expect guidance for 2015 – outlined in August – to be maintained. Continue reading


Just the other day we met with two executives from Village Roadshow Limited (ASX: VRL), Graham Burke, Managing Director and Adrian Fernando from investor relations, to discuss some of the trends in their business. It was quite an interesting meeting.

Although it was a bit of speed date – trying to fit in six company meetings in a day – we did spend a reasonable amount of time understanding not only their opportunities for development of theme/water parks in South East Asia, but also on the future of content delivery in Australia. Continue reading


Students of value investing will know that in past times, value investors paid great attention to accounting book values. One of the better-known strategies employed by the spiritual father of value investing, Ben Graham, was to try to acquire companies at market prices that were below their conservatively-estimated liquidation value.

This was not a strategy for the timid – companies that found themselves in this position frequently did go into liquidation. However, a diversified portfolio of companies that fitted this description could do well on average. Continue reading


In recent weeks you have probably noticed a dramatic increase in the volatility of Woolworths Limited (ASX:WOW) share price and wondered: what has changed recently?  The answer is that something has caused the market to re-think the longer-term prospects of the business.

The detail is found in a very insightful conference call we had recently with the former head of Aldi UK, Paul Foley. Continue reading

Because the Federal Court has ruled that NAB is not required to email every account holder, you may not know that you may be entitled to compensation if you have been charged exception fees and join the class action.   NAB customers who have been charged exception fees are entitled to join the class action. The window to join re-opens today at

Continue reading