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Investing in 2017 and beyond


Investing in 2017 and beyond

If you are concerned about your returns, you should brace for an end of the residential construction boom. You should also be very cautious about the excessive prices of high-yielding stocks (those paying dividends that are unlikely to grow), and you should be most enthusiastic about high-quality mid cap and small cap stocks that have been punished recently with share price declines of up to 50%.


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Roger is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management. Roger brings more than two decades of investment and financial market experience, knowledge and relationships to bear in his role as Chief Investment Officer. Prior to establishing Montgomery, Roger held positions at Ord Minnett Jardine Fleming, BT (Australia) Limited and Merrill Lynch.


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  1. Hi Roger,

    Thank you for all your hard work during the year. As a young amateur investor, you have helped me navigate this difficult market.

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to the Montgomery Team.

    p.s. have you thought about putting your book on audible?

  2. Hi Roger,
    Long time follower, first time of writing.
    Would be interested to hear yours or someone from Montgomery’s thoughts on BAL longer term prospects. Would be greatly appreciated as I’m an avid follower of your teachings.

  3. Marita Concepcion

    More often than not; any less-jolly insightful reminders are swept away under the rug beneath the Christmas tree during this time of the year. However there is a lingering line of thoughts that I couldn’t shake out of my head…”is it too late?”

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