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Four mining services companies where we see value

23042020_Four mining companies

Four mining services companies where we see value

Investing in small cap mining services firms is not for the faint hearted given their exposure to the commodities cycle. But with the sector down around 40 per cent year to date (vs Small Ords down 23 per cent), and most major miners continuing to produce, we see value as attractive for the risk. There are four companies we particularly like.

We have recently taken advantage of depressed valuations and selectively added to our small cap mining services exposure. While this is a cyclical sector, the risk-reward profile appears better than prevailing share prices would otherwise suggest.

Mining has been designated an essential service in Australia (coal and iron ore royalties have perhaps never been more important for the Government’s ailing coffers) with production and development activity largely uninterrupted to date. This indicates near-term earnings for mining services companies may prove stronger than initially feared. Notwithstanding the less certain medium-term demand picture for commodities in a COVID-19 impacted world, fixed asset investment has historically played a central role in fiscal stimulus policies which potentially underpins a relatively solid mining services outlook.


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Dominic is the Portfolio Manager of the Montgomery Small Companies Fund. Dominic joined Montgomery in August 2019 after spending thirteen years specialising in smaller companies in portfolio management and equities research. Most recently, Dominic was a Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst at MHOR Asset Management in Sydney for three years. Prior to this, he ran Deutsche Bank’s Small Caps Equity Research Team in Sydney for six years. He was also previously Head of Research at Foster Stockbroking.  

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  1. Maurice Prendergast

    Hi there Monty and team,

    My question relates to small holdings that I have.All with good reasoning.

    What do you think of my strategy.

    My holdings are as holdings

    Clv—————powdered milk addictive
    Clq—————cobolt and water purification
    Pet—————water purification
    Imu—————medical research into cancer
    Moh —————gold
    Rht —————-health
    Idt——————-manufacturing pills
    Mgx——————medical marijuana

    And Hydrogen

    Thank you and all the best
    Ps fortesque,


    • Hi Maurice, very kind of you to share your thoughts and positions. We are unable to make direct comments on these stock in this context, lest they be perceived as advice. Keep an eye on the blog for future articles that cover some of the themes you have highlighted.

  2. Lycopodium looks top notch as well. Good growth, exposure to the only positive commodity sector (gold) and strong dividend.

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