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Beware when the market and the economy are out of sync

Beware when the market and the economy are out of sync

Following its one-month 36 per cent decline from peak (20 February 2020) to its low (23 March 2020), the ASX200 has bounced 20 per cent. That’s a return most investors would be happy with over a year.  The question is whether such optimism is warranted.

The bounce reflects the relatively simplistic and arguably misguided idea that peak virus infections and deaths will pass quickly and that central bank interventions in the bond market, which cheapen credit to businesses and households, and government stimulus such as wage subsidisation, will subsequently trigger a surging return to prosperity.

But it is important to note that, prior to the outbreak, economic growth was already faltering. Growth in China was slowing, a recession in Europe was widely predicted and US job availability, employment and wages were sliding.


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  1. Given the current dire economic situation (not to mention health) it’s hard to believe that there’s enough optimism around that the All Ords is now at the same level it was just 17 months ago. It would seem hope springs eternal in investors (or should that be speculators?)…. until it doesn’t.

  2. investment.pushbiker

    Cramer just said people who don’t own corona virus effected stocks will wish they had. he is very confident that J&J are close to getting a vaccine.

  3. Couple of things

    1) The difficulty here is that optimism leads to a loosening of restrictions that cause more cases which causes more restrictions.

    2) I am not sure if a vaccine can be found (this is different than a flu virus and in any case it is mutating)

    3) I am not even sure about developing immunity to this virus might be able to lie dormant and then reappear or might be able to reinfect individuals after a period of time elapses.

    4) When I look at who the optimists and the pessimists the optimists don’t strike me as people who understand what they are talking about both in relation to biological and economic matters. Meanwhile some of the pessimists are making some sense – Roubini, Keen and yourself Roger.

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