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TV reaches a big audience, but a TV doesn’t know who it’s talking to


TV reaches a big audience, but a TV doesn’t know who it’s talking to

Sam Courtenay from “In the Black” recently interviewed the Managing Director of Facebook and Instagram in Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Sheeler.  Sheeler said he wanted to persuade businesses of all sizes that they can be as close to their followers as the local café that knows all its customers by sight. Traditional media has failed to pinpoint its customers. 

“Personal marketing at scale” is about allowing advertisers big and small to pinpoint their audience and drip feed messages sequentially at their own pace.”

Traditional media has failed to pinpoint its customers.  “TV reaches a big audience, but a TV doesn’t know who it’s talking to.  With Facebook, an advertiser like Toyota knows when a 45 year old mother (a potential customer) is in the room, and when her 18 year old son (not a customer) has left.  So Toyota knows the Mum is seeing its ads, so what does it do next?  It could be the same ad or maybe it’ll show a few variations of models – then we show her a different ad with a different aspect.  That’s what we call sequential messaging.”

And what does Toyota think: “In our experience, campaigns delivered in this manner have resulted in significant increases in response/ engagement.  This is even more pronounced when messages are remarketed to those who have engaged with an initial piece of content.”

While Sheeler tries to integrate Facebook more deeply into advertisers’ businesses, he is also dealing with the change in consumer behaviour – from PC centred interactions to mobile-centred ones.  Mobile now accounts for 82 per cent of Facebook’s total global advertising revenue.  And this is where Australia has evolved more than most other countries – 14 million Australians use Facebook monthly, 11 million return to Facebook daily via their mobile phone.

Facebook by the numbers*:

  • 1.09 billion daily active users
  • 989 million mobile daily active users (that’s 90.7%)
  • 1.65 billion monthly active users
  • 1.51 billion mobile monthly active users
  • 84 per cent of daily active users are based outside of North America
  • 400 million active users of Instagram- the photo-sharing platform
  • 900 million users of Facebook’s Messenger every month
  • 1.0 billion weekly active uses of Facebook owned WhatsApp
  • Between Messenger and WhatsApp, people send 60 billion messages daily
  • There are 3m active advertisers on Facebook and 200,000 on Instagram

And you were worried about revealing your personal information on the Census?

* Facebook, figures of June 2016.

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