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Today you can give a Miracle that will transform a life!

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Today you can give a Miracle that will transform a life!

I previously mentioned the heart-warming story of a women in Africa who had received sight-restoring surgery, surgery that took less than 15 minutes and cost just $33. The procedure enabled her to see her daughter for the very first time – a daughter who was 16 years old!

Today is the day that for just $33 per person you can restore sight, and a life. Imagine that, for a moment; people who previously felt they were a burden to their families can start businesses, go to work, take care of their families again.

For just $33 for a 12-minute procedure you have the power to restore a life. For $165 you will change five lives forever. For $330, ten lives. Can you imagine that?

It’s not often we are offered the opportunity to generate such an enormous return for such a small investment.

I understand you may already have made a long-term commitment to other worthy causes and organisations, and if you have, thank you. But if you are thinking about becoming a passionate supporter of a wonderful cause, with an immediate and enormously positive impact on a life, I commend CBM’s work to you.

Your action will help people and children like Nhung, a lively and friendly little girl who was born with cataracts. Living in the rugged mountains of remote Vietnam, with a condition that required extra care, this beautiful little girl was likely to be forgotten.

“I am really happy that she can come back today and just because at the hospital near where I live they don’t know how to treat my daughter’s eye. So, I also have the opportunity to come back here, so I am really happy,” said Nhung’s father, smiling.

For Nhung, being given the opportunity to access the help she needs has restored her hope.

Your $33 investment. A 12-minute operation. A life transformed forever.

Click here to give the Miracle gift of sight!

If you haven’t already, you can read my recent blog: How much is a Miracle worth?

See for yourself the impact that your gift will make when you give to Miracles Day here, or call CBM’s friendly team on 131 226 to give a Miracle today.

Photo caption: Help restore sight to people and children like Nhung from Vietnam.


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