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Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?

There’s something in the air…. And you may be able to assist.

Skaffold® is set to go live and I am incredibly proud of what Team Skaffold have achieved.

Before Skaffold, the stock market was noisy and confusing. Very soon, all that will change.  Skaffold will reinvent and reignite the way you invest.

The data that automatically updates Skaffold each day is from arguably the world’s most reputable source (that’s right, not all data is the same!). With customers that spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year for our provider’s data, we have been delighted with their fascination and interest in Skaffold.

As you may already know, Skaffold’s designers and developers have been recognised by design awards and industry accolades and already work for Nintendo, EA Games – the world’s biggest games company, Google, HTC, and Porsche. Like us, they are immensely proud of Skaffold and are putting together their own video for the launch to showcase Skaffold to international IT media and judges. Their Managing Director is even flying to Sydney for the launch!

Here at home, we are building a team with amazing international credentials and their task is simple: make sure Skaffold stays at the cutting edge of stock market applications.

Here is how you could help: We’re still searching for someone super smart, who can mentor, teach and lead a team, who knows, understands and loves the stock market, can be RG 146 compliant and is truly passionate about talking one-on-one with and helping private and professional investors. If that’s you, or you know someone that fits the bill, we want to hear from you!

A1 or C5, Skaffold’s Quality Scores are powered by more than 40 years of published academic research into the predictors of company failure and and investment returns. And the secret herbs and spices in Skaffold’s valuations – and the ways they change – have won me over time and time again.

I must confess to having a bit of fun recently… I uploaded some international data, and looked at IBM, Apple, Google and Microsoft and… nothing surprising. Skaffold just worked. No whacky valuations either like the $800 for Apple or $400 for IBM or $60 for Microsoft that I have seen elsewhere. In time, I imagine we’ll be able to switch on Turkish stocks, if that’s what you want!

The team and I have been genuinely encouraged by your excitement. What’s also been really amazing is the anticipation, not only from private investors like you and me, but from brokers, other fundies, planners and advisers who have expressed a real need to independently ’stress test’ their own research or the stocks on their approved lists.

One friend recently said we had developed a Ferrari that Volvo drivers will love to drive. I reckon that’s about the sum of it. And congrats, by the way, to Ian –  one of very first investors who jumped the gun, sent in his cheque and guaranteed himself Member #2 status for life.

Get ready to enjoy looking at the Australian stock market like you have never seen it before. Put 1 November 2011 in your diary to Join Skaffold and be part of our mission to make every investor a professional.

Skaffold is the world’s most reputable company data married to half a century of leading investment thinking and the world’s most exciting and easy-to-use interface for investors. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Skaffold after you have made it part of your investment routine.

Posted by the Skaffold Team, 28 October 2011.

Skaffold® is a registered trademark of Skaffold Pty Limited

Roger is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management. Roger brings more than two decades of investment and financial market experience, knowledge and relationships to bear in his role as Chief Investment Officer. Prior to establishing Montgomery, Roger held positions at Ord Minnett Jardine Fleming, BT (Australia) Limited and Merrill Lynch.

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