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Tech stocks have a reputation for seducing investors. In the last subscriber-only white paper for 2013, find out which tech stocks are Montgomery investment grade.


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9 thoughts on "Tech stock alert: seduction or value?"

  1. Hi Roger, I note in your report your comment that “Montgomery Investment Management values IRESS at around $8.50 per share”. Given Skaffold currently shows IRESS IV at about $5, and IV only rises to about $6 in 2015 I am curious as to why the discrepancy. Would appreciate your insight.

      • Roger, thanks for your reply. I see that the bullish IV is currently sitting at just $6.42, significantly lower than your valuation of $8.50. What am I missing?

  2. Any thoughts on RXP Services (RXP)? They seem to have a number of ex-SMS (SMX) personnel working for them, and I would hazard a guess that there would be a number of RXP clients that were once clients of SMS M&T (SMX). SMS seems to be a shrinking company, while RXP appears to be a growing company, albiet mostly through acquisition. Both are in the same sector as IRE, but in the case of RXP, are not well covered due to their small size (to date). Perhaps a future gem in this space? Also, SMX? Any views?

    • Hi Jim,

      We don’t offer any recommendations and we may change our view at any time and without informing you of that change. SO please don’t try to trade or invest on the back of what we say. You must seek and take personal professional advice and satisfy yourself that you completely and comprehensively understand what you are doing.

  3. Aren’t there other investment grade tech stocks, besides Iress? For example, I have noticed IRI Integrated Research is a successful Australian company involved in world class development of software for business. And it seems to have the attributes of a quality company. Be interested to hear your views on it Roger.

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