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TPG bought Myer for free!

TPG bought Myer for free!

It seems the profits to be made by TPG on the re-listing of Myer will be outsized beyond what has been reported thus far. When a TPG-led consortium purchased Myer and the Bourke Street store, they paid $1.4 billion. Of that total, just shy of $450 million was equity – the contribution by the new owners and $1 billion was debt. Here’s the interesting part… in the first year of ownership, the owners held what you might recall was a massive clearance sale. They also sold the Bourke street store. The sale of the store netted around $600 million and the clearance sale, about $160 million. With the excess cash generated by these activities, the owners received a dividend of almost $200 million and a capital return of $360 million and hey presto, the owners bought Myer and got all their money back in the first year effectively buying Myer for nothing! Whatever the company lists for, subtract a billion to pay down the debt (assuming Myer is listed debt free) and the rest goes straight to the vendors – an infinite return on equity. What will be even more intriguing is whether the company is IPO’d with any debt. The more debt left on the balance sheet, the more of the float proceeds go to the vendors and remember they bought Myer for free.

By Roger Montgomery, 9 September 2009

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  1. Hi Roger,

    Just wondering what you rate JBH currently?
    In particular i am concerned about its D/E ratio of 150%, and dropping book value.


  2. Roger
    You have to admire the TPG business planners for there ingenuity.
    Can I suggest they apply for position with Macquarie Bank.
    Kind Regards

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